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Public Statement on the Crisis in Ukraine

    Will Schmitt
  • February 26, 2022

The people of Ukraine are in our hearts as they endure unprovoked military aggression from Russia. The safety of our teammates and their families is our number one priority as they relocate to find shelter in the ...

Play a Game at Money2020!

    Tristan Sokol
  • October 25, 2021

If you haven’t been working on world class debt repayment APIs the last few weeks, chances are you have been streaming some content about playing some not so innocent children’s games for a chance to be debt ...

Announcing Rightfoot’s $5 Million Seed Round

    Danielle Pensack
  • February 3, 2021

A Big Day! Today the Rightfoot team is excited to announce the news of our $5M seed round led by Bain Capital Ventures! We’re thrilled to have the backing of major fintech institutional investors and a fantastic ...

Our Student Debt Crisis is Partly a Manifestation of Systemic Racism

    Deirdre Clute
  • February 3, 2021

Graduation is typically a moment of celebration and accomplishment. Yet, before life after college has even begun, Black students hold $7,721 more debt than their White peers on average. And that’s just at the start.  Given that ...