Building a Student Debt Repayment App

    Will Schmitt
  • February 2, 2021

The Basics

APIs are not much more than a contract between two services. The goal is to make these contracts as simple as possible with clearly defined side-effects. At Rightfoot, we provide clear, focused APIs to allow any app to provide student debt repayment as part of its product.

Performing a student debt payment with our platform is straightforward an requires only a few steps:
* Provide information about the borrower (Beneficiary)
* Provide information about the student Loan
* Link a FundingSource to make a payment from
* Request a payment to be issued from the FundingSource to the Loan

Making Your First Payment

Using our TypeScript SDK (npm install rightfoot-node):

// Bootstrap the client.
const config: Configuration = new Configuration( {
  apiKey: `Bearer ${RIGHTFOOT_API_KEY}`,
const rightfootClient = new RightfootApi(
    config, "");

// Create a Beneficiary.
const { beneficiary: { uuid: beneficiaryUuid } } =
    await rightfootClient.createBeneficiary({
      firstName: 'John',
      lastName: 'Doe',
      dateOfBirth: "1970-01-01",
      phoneNumber: '+1 650 555 5555',
      mailingAddress: {
        line1: "123 Easy Street",
        city: "Palo Alto",
        state: "CA",
        zipCode: "12345-0123"

// Attach Loan details.
const { loan: { uuid: loanUuid } } = 
      uuid: '12345678-abcd-1234-abcd-12345678abcd',
      plaidPublicToken: 'plaid-token',

// Add a bank account as a FundingSource.
const { fundingSource: { uuid: fundingSourceUuid } } =
    await rightfootClient.createFundingSource({
      emailAddress: '',
      plaidPublicToken: 'plaid-public-token',
      accountId: 'selected-account-id'

// Issue a Loan Payment.
await rightfootClient.createPayment({
  paymentAmount: 50000, // 50,000cents == $500.00

Will Schmitt